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The free COVID-19 contactless check-in solution for your business

A safe and secure way to meet government guidelines requiring no additional equipment.

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Customers scan the QR code on their phone.

They complete the check-in form themselves.

The QR code can be printed from your account...

...or displayed on any device.

The data is stored in your secure account
and can be exported if required.

How does it work?

Customers scan a QR code with their phone camera and fill in your check-in form. The details are date-stamped and transferred using SSL encryption to your secure SignUpAnywhere account.

How do I get a QR code?

Set up a free SignUpAnywhere account and select the free COVID-19 check-in template. You can either print out your unique QR code or display the code on a tablet or phone.

How quickly can I export the details?

Select a date and export the details in seconds. Don’t waste time with paper sheets and illegible handwriting. Give customers peace of mind and help the fight against COVID-19 with SignUpAnywhere.

Can I customise the form and QR code page?

Yes, you can change the text and the form fields. If you want to add your logo or change the colour, then this is possible with one of our monthly subscription options.

Is the system secure?

Yes, our systems undergo regular third-party testing and adheres to stringent security policies. We will never ever sell, distribute or lease your email address or the data you collect to third parties.

Is the data automatically deleted?

Yes, the system will delete the collected data after a set number of days. You are able to set the number of days to meet the current government guidelines.

What if the QR code doesn't work?

The customer can enter a web address or you can fill out the details for them. If you are located in an area with an intermittent internet connection then you can install the form on your device and it will work offline.

Why is it free?

The world is facing a crisis and we wanted to help out. We have always offered a free version of SignUpAnywhere and have increased the features available to meet the COVID-19 check-in requirements. We still offer paid plans for businesses that require more advanced features.

The SignUpAnywhere Promise

We will never ever sell, distribute or lease your email address or the data you collect to third parties.

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"This is a thing of beauty, the team love it!"

Bridget Callaghan, Managing Director - Well Kneaded Pizza

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