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  • Choose how long data stays in your account before it is deleted
  • Automatically send email addresses to MailChimp or Campaign Monitor
How does it work?

Once you have create a Free account you can log in and set up your forms. Your forms can be added to any Apple, Android or Windows device and used to collect personal details including email addresses, telephone numbers, marketing consent, rating questions, signatures and images.

All the data you collect is transferred to your secure SignUpAnywhere account and can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be opened in Excel, Numbers and Google Sheets or imported into another application.

What devices can I use?

SignUpAnywhere works with Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices, and is most commonly used on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones, Amazon Fire tablets, Window Surface tablets, Windows Phones and laptops. Forms can also be embedded on websites or added to the home screen of a device and used offline.

What information can I collect?

The Free and Basic plans allow you to add custom text fields, text areas, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, yes/no questions, rating questions, date and time fields, or generic fields including: Email Address, Name, Organization, Telephone Number, Age and Zip Code.

The Business and Corporate plans also allow you to collect signatures and images.

Can I find SignUpAnywhere in the app store?

No, SignUpAnywhere works in the browser. You to use your form on any device and customers can scan your form QR code and complete the form on their phone. You can also add your form to the home screen of any device and it can work offline. All form editing and data exporting is perform when logged into your secure SignUpAnywhere account.

Can I use SignUpAnywhere during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, the contactless QR code allows customers to complete the form on their phones. If you need to collect data when you are offline then we would recommend filling out the form on behalf of your customer or sanitizing the device after each form submission.

Is the system secure?

Yes, our systems undergo regular third-party testing and adheres to stringent security policies. We will never ever sell, distribute or lease your email address or the data you collect to third parties.

The SignUpAnywhere Promise

We will never ever sell, distribute or lease your email address or the data you collect to third parties.

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