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What type of form fields can I add to my form?

On the Business plan you are able to add multiple fields to your form. You have the option to add Text Fields, Text Areas, Date Pickers and Dropdowns.

Learn how to add fields to your form here.

Text Fields

Text fields are great for collecting short answers like Name, Email and Job Title.

Text Areas

Text areas are useful for comments/notes and open-ended questions that could lead to longer answers, such as “Why do you use our product?”.

Date Pickers

Date pickers let you collect dates for events, such as weddings, or for birthdays so you know when to send your customer an exclusive birthday offer!


Dropdowns allow you to offer a list of close-ended questions, of which one can be selected, for example: Age - 18-25, 26-34, 35-50, 50+.


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