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Why should I replace my clipboard?

For some, replacing the good old clipboard can be a daunting prospect, others can’t wait to get rid of it - either way, there are several compelling reasons to do so:

• You’ll stop losing time, and potentially great leads, because of messy handwriting
• No more creating and printing forms for your leads to manually fill out at trade shows and events
• You won’t have to deal with paperwork at the end of a long trade show, conference or event
• You won’t have to pay someone to deal with stacks of paperwork on your behalf
• You can stand out from your competitors and grab leads using your mobile device
• An efficient, fun signup process will see more leads being captured
• Use your mobile device for lead capture anywhere, with or without internet access
• Stop paying for expensive scanners at trade shows

The data you collect is automatically synchronized with your SignUpAnywhere account where you can simply download it as spreadsheet (.CSV). This means there is no need to copy out the data you have already collected, and no guessing from people’s messy handwriting!

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