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How do I install my form on a Windows 10 device?

iOS   |   Android   |   Windows 10   |   Windows 8   |   Laptop

The first thing you will need is the web address for the offline version of your form. This can be found in the Offline Installation section of the Installation page. The web address will end with /signup/[yourFormID]/offline

Step one

Open the form link in your browser.

Step two

When the form has loaded tap the menu button.

Step three

Choose the “Pin/Add site to Start” option.

Step four

To complete the installation, tap the icon on the Start screen and wait for it to load.

To download your data or make changes to your form just visit your Dashboard.

Please read: If you have collected data whilst offline you will need to re-open the form when you are connected to the internet for your data to sync. Please be careful, if you clear your devices' cache before syncing you will lose your data.

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