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Help > Syncing and Handling Signups

How do I sync my signups?

Syncing signups is as simple as opening your form while your device is connected to the internet. As your form can be used to collect data offline, it can be easy to forget to connect your device to the internet to allow the signups to sync. Make sure your device has an internet connection (do a quick Google search just to check), then reopen your form to sync your data.

Does the WiFi you are connected to allow internet access?

There are many free WiFi services that your device could connect to that require you to log in before gaining internet access. For your signups to sync, make sure you are connected to WiFi that has access to the internet (do a quick Google search just to check).

Have you synchronized all of your devices?

If you’ve collected data on multiple devices make sure that they are all connected to the internet and that they have all synced.

My .CSV export only has 50 signups, but I have synced more

The Free plan allows you to export the first 50 email addresses collected on your account. To access the additional emails you will need to upgrade to the Basic or Business plan.

My signups won’t synchronize

If you’ve connected your device(s) to the internet and reopened your form but your signups still aren’t syncing then please get in touch.

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